WHO IS….The man behind the camera?

“Photography is the true world of art, through a person’s eye capturing that one moment that can be remembered for ever” – Ben Scott

(Above) Campaign images for HMH Couture by Ben Scott

Even the slightest glimpse at the stunning results of Ben Scott’s work suggests a unique 21st century fashion photographer with an exceptional degree and understanding of his craft.

Originally from New Zealand, Ben Scott moved to London 12 years ago and has since been applying his cool relaxed attitude with his professionalism and creative edge challenging photography at various levels. He has managed to hone his craft inspiring people at many different scales and capturing life’s most precious moments with his skill. Technically brilliant, Scott composes and captures imagery through creative instincts – whether it be photographing the smallest insects in the world to a high glam photoshoot or catwalk show, we each time continue to be wowed and astonished by the transformation of real life to final image through Scotts third eye – his work is art in itself.

His understanding of concepts, design and nature shows in his photographs. Ben Scotts unique eye for beauty has enabled him to understand conceptualise and create masterful images and this has gained him instant respect and recognition from designers and models alike. He is the man responsible for taking some of HMH Couture’s magnificent images including the Spring/Summer 2010 Campaign and amazing catwalk and events images. He has recently worked with Kosibah and has also photographed the likes of model Sophie Anderton, Actress Rebecca Walsh and Girl group Cleopatra.  To see more of his work visit www.photographlive.com.



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  1. Check out photomusician.wordpress.com

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